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Air fryers are more than a trend, they’re a lifestyle!

No more microwave mediocrity – just flavorful, restaurant-quality food at home!

Air Fried Goodness

Good AF! Meals

Our healthy, delicious air fryer meals are healthy, quick and easy, and versatile. See for yourself the WOW factor of our sassy eats.

They’re not just okay, they’re GOOD AF!

Chicken Fajita Fiesta

Chicken Veggie Bash

Sizzlin’ Steak & Spud

Jammin’ Jerk Chicken

About Good AF! Air Fried Meals

We’re Healthy

A ready made meal with health benefits galore. Our meals are packed with veggies, natural ingredients and flavors, and none of the friend food junk.

Quick & Easy

Air fryer meals cook in a jiffy and are perfect for living life on the go! Save time in the kitchen without sacrificing the savory flavor.


Air friers are like magic genies – you can conjur up a bunch of treats from all your favorite food groups. Fruits, veggies, and meats OH MY!

The Good AF! Difference

Fast, fun, healthy? Check. Our air fryer meals: your ticket from ‘meh’ living to
‘heck yes’ life.

We provide a quick fix to modern life with delicious, sassy eats!

“It’s pretty much replaced my oven.”

– Chef Zosima Fulwell | Manchester, uk

"Cooking with an air fryer has been a game changer for me! It's so easy to make delicious meals that my family loves."

– Satisfied Air Fryer Customer

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